Traditional Funeral | Same Day Service & Visitation | Minimum Cremation | Celebration of Life

Traditional Funeral

Professional ServiceDescriptionCost
Co-ordinating ActivitiesProfessional consultation with licensed personnel, which may include, but is not limited to. expert advice on options to meet your needs, including essential services relating to disposition, drafting notices, planning, scheduling of services, advice regarding possible government benefits. May include, but not limited to co-ordination of all rites and ceremonies, before, during, and after they have been provided, including services and supplies provided by us, as well as those provided by third party suppliers, such as flowers and death notices by an Ontario Funeral Directors Licensee. Fees also include standard register book for guests to sign, standard acknowledgement cards, and Aftercare.$1335.00
Documentation - permits, forms, etc.Completion and filing of all documents necessary to carry out the services and supplies requested, including, but not limited to, death registration, burial permit, coroner's certificate for cremation, documentation to ship the body out of the country. As part of this service, we will provide you with 10 proof of death certificates, such certificates are usually accepted for most estate settlement purposes, but sometimes a provincial Death Certificate will be necessary and is available from the Office of the Registrar General.$570.00
(requires Facilities for preparation/embalming/shelter)
Embalming is the process of replacing blood and bodily fluids with chemical preservatives. It is a process of sanitation, restoration, and temporary preservation. Embalming is not legally required unless being shipped outside of the province/country, but may be recommended to preserve the body between the time of death and the visitation or disposition of the deceased. Our professional Funeral Directors will make a recommendation based on the condition of the body and expected service needs.
Basic preparation of remains - $195.00
Staff Services for CeremonyStaff to co-ordinate and oversee the ceremony or memorial at our premises.
Off-site location, an equipment charge and additional staff services charge will apply in lieu of and equivalent to facility use…….$830.00
Staff Services for Visitation Staff to co-ordinate and oversee the visitation at our premises for a period up to 4 hours. If the visitation takes place at an off-site location, an equipment charge and additional staff service charges will apply in lieu of facility charge.......$1060.00
(Additional cost per hour in funeral home $125.00)
Facility Charges
Facilities for Preparation/Embalming/ShelterTemperature controlled facilities used to prepare, embalm, and/or shelter the body; this charge applies whenever the body is in our facility for any purpose.$300.00
Facilities for Ceremony
(requires Staff Services for Ceremony)
Designated facilities at our Funeral Home used for the ceremony or memorial service. Price is per ceremony.$400.00
Facilities for Visitation
(requires Staff Services for Visitation)
Designated facilities used for visitation for a period up to 4 hours.
(Additional cost per hour $140.00)
Transfer Service VehicleVehicle for transfer from place of death and/or to the crematory.$250.00
Lead Car/ General Duties Car
Vehicle for transporting clergy, leading funeral procession and/or obtaining required documentation.$195.00
Funeral Coach Transfer to cemetery or crematorium on day of ceremony. Additional mileage traveled beyond 25km from our facility will be charged at $2.50/km one way.$365.00
(Transportation of the remains from one place to another, for example, the hospital to our premises, or from our premises to the cemetery or crematorium using a transfer vehicle, for distances not exceeding 25km, a charge applies for each transportation request.
Additional staff service charge for removal from a residence or other non-industrial setting $75.00
Additional staff service charge for remains in excess of 300 lbs $100.00
Additional charge for distance beyond 25km $2.50/km one way)
HST not included

Visitation & Service on Same Day

Professional Service  Cost
Co-ordinating Activities$1335.00
Documentation - permit, forms, etc.$570.00
Embalming (requires Facilities for Preparation/Embalming/Shelter)
(Basic Preparation of Remains - $195.00)
(Removal of Pacemaker - $95.00)
Staff Services for Ceremony$780.00
Staff Services for Visitation$0.00
Facility Charges
Facilities for Preparation/Shelter$300.00
Facilities for Ceremony (requires Staff Services for Ceremony)$680.00
Facilities for Visitation (requires Staff Services for Visitation)$0.00
Transfer Service Vehicle$250.00
Lead Car/General Duties Car$195.00
Funeral Coach$365.00
HST not included

Minimum Cremation Service

Professional & Staff ServiceCost
Co-ordinating Activities$675.00
Facility Charges
Facilities for Shelter$300.00
Transfer Service Vehicle$250.00
Transfer Vehicle (To crematorium)$250.00
Cash Disbursements
Municipal Death Registration$48.00
Coroner's Cremation Certificate$75.00
Adult Cremation$560.00
Millsleep Cardboard/Wood Tray Cremation Unit$185.00
When Minimum Services are provided, a Licensed Funeral Director can attend an interment of cremated remains in a cemetery for an additional $285.00.

Celebration of Life Package (No urn or casket present)

Professional & Staff ServiceCost
Co-ordinating Activities$945.00
Documentation/Forms, etc.$450.00
Staff for 2 hour celebration period$500.00
Facilities for Preparation/Shelter$300.00
Facilities for 2 hour celebration period$600.00
Hostess (If Smart-serve is to be supplied add an additional $100.)$180.00
Transfer from place of death$250.00
Transfer to crematorium$250.00
HST not included or cash disbursements

The Celebration of Life Package does not include funeral services or disposition of a loved one.

Beer and wine are permitted during the Celebration of Life.  To obtain a liquor permit, visit your local LCBO or go online and complete an application for a Special Occasion Permit.

Catering available upon request at going rate.