Casket Price List

Victoriaville#10-5756-03 Dominon Rental. Solid maple shelf. Tan crepe interior. Wood bar carriers, low luster finish. Includes cardboard insert $215.00. 83" x 35" x 24".$1195.00
Victoriaville#50-5134-01 Logica. New Leaf Collection, green funeral products, water-based satin finish with rustic brown colour treatment. Fixed solid wood bar carriers with wood locking mechanism. 100% natural cotton lining.$1565.00
Northern CasketsDundas Rental. Solid Oak. High gloss antique satin finish. Rose-tan crepe. Includes cardboard insert $215.00. 83" x 29.5" x 23"$1095.00
MillsleepCardboard cremation unit with wood tray bottom$185.00
Northern Caskets#9 H.P. Blue/Grey cloth covered wood. Six individual handles. White rayon interior.$770.00
The Glentay #64-444-P-RC753X0. Solid Ash, Amber finish, Rosetan Crepe Interior. 72” x 48”.$1900.00
Northern Caskets#404 "Dundas" Solid oak with veneer sides. Antique satin finish. Rose tan crepe interior.$2225.00
Victoriaville#5740 "Simcoe" Solid Appalachian red oak. Polished fawn finish. Interchangeable "keepsake" corners and cap panel. Tan crepe interior.$2830.00
#62 "Parliament" Solid red oak. Urn body styling. Hand polished Persian fawn finish. Ivory velvet interior.$5045.00
Carlton Veneer Ash Rental. Tan crepe interior. Cardboard cremation insert included at $215.00.$895.00
#49 "Dover"/Cottonwood American Poplar. Earth tone satin finish. White silk interior.$1745.00
#5410 "Homeward" Solid Poplar. Hand polished Titian colour treatment. Tan crepe interior. Interchangeable "keepsake corners and cap panel.$2830.00
#95 "Capital" Solid Mahogany. Hand rubbed traditional Titian finish. Milano tan velvet interior.$6370.00
#700 "Fairholme" Solid octagon red oak. Hand polished gloss finish. Blush pink crepe interior with rose inset.$2620.00
#62-30 Digby. Solid ash with veneer sides. Tan Crepe interior.$2055.00
#530 "Victoria" Solid wild black cherry. Hand polished empire finish. Dusty pink velvet interior with rose motif.$2980.00

Burial Vault Price List

Superior Vault CompanyNon-sealing concrete grave liner. Intermediate size$785.00
"Guardian" concrete burial vault. Intermediate size. Gold painted.$915.00
Doric Vaults"Titan" sealed concrete burial vault. Intermediate size. Polystyrene liner.$1195.00
"Patrician" sealed concrete burial vault. Intermediate size. ABS plastic lined.$1595.00
"Athenian" sealed concrete burial vault. Intermediate size. ABS plastic and stainless steel lined.$2415.00
"Lydian" sealed concrete burial vault. Intermediate size. ABS plastic and copper lined.$2835.00
Urn Vaults Available Upon Request

Urn Price List

Fabhaven IndustriesCultured marble Oval Urn. Available in Ivory or Blue$345.00
Cultured marble Bible$655.00
Cultured marble Urn Harmony. Available in Blue or Ivory$360.00
Manchester MarketingGreytone Marbelite$360.00
"Palermo" solid marble Urn with personal keepsake urn.$625.00
Solid wood urn with inlay$285.00
M49 Brass Urn with black etchings$515.00
M57 Old English Oak Urn with cross$305.00
WestminsterEssex "Giftbox brass inlay". Solid marble Urn.$545.00
Georgian Solid Marble Urn with Golfer Etching$595.00
Williamsburg Solid Grey Marble$595.00
Danyco"Rosecroft" Laminated bronze$515.00
Terry 510 rustic bronze$385.00
Vesta Octagonal Urn. Solid Cherry with Verona Satin Finish$475.00
Memorium Zinc Urn with Bronze Finish and Dove Ornament$505.00
Mama GooseSoft Rose Porcelain Urn$365.00
Privileges Design Inc.Bleached Oak with Faux Marble Top$315.00
VictoriavilleSolid wood Urn with inlay$285.00
Ascending Doves Urn$315.00
Original Solid Oak$295.00
Custom Funeral ProductsSolid maple Urn with cherry satin or pink low luster finish.$345.00
Gravure CraftMother of pearl Urn with keepsake$305.00
Blue butterfly Urn with keepsake$325.00
Blue aluminum with Mother of Pearl Tree Inlay$380.00
Majesty Companion Urn with Inlay$710.00
Purple aluminum Urn with Mother of Pearl Bird Inlay$430.00
Painted Fisherman$410.00
Dodge ChemicalMetal Marbleized Urns (Red, Blue, Slate Blue)$315.00
RK ProductionsEver after collection, real stone, handmade urn
-Candle holder urn $150.00 -Keepsake $95.00 -Memorial plaque $95.00
(Engraving on full sized urns $50.00, Candleholder, Keepsake, and Plaque $30.00)
Artisan Du SableFootprints or Pebble Urn, real stone, handmade Urn.
North UrnWebster's Falls Laser Engraved Urn$385.00
Multiple VendorsBrass Urn with brushed pewter or gold finish$485.00
Eckels"Rosecroft" Laminated bronze urn with rose imprint$515.00
Woodstock ChimesMemorial Chime Keepsake/Memento$150.00
Various Keepsake Urns$95.00
Various Cremation Jewellery(+)$95.00
Fingerprint Pendants(+)$175.00
Comfort Bears (can hold portion of cremated remains)$95.00