April 28, 1963 – November 6, 2018

Left the stage far too soon, surrounded by family, at the Juravinski Hospital on November 6th at age 55 after a short but ferocious fight with pancreatic cancer. Beloved husband of Shelly. Devoted father to Bailey and Wilson. Remembered by siblings Sue, Bob and Peter; his entire band family; and all those he was a friend and mentor to. A good and righteous man who was full of witty comments and constant enthusiasm for the talents of those around him.

Friends and family are invited for visitation at Turner Family Funeral Home, 53 Main St, Dundas, on Friday, November 16 from 2-4pm & 7-9pm and on Saturday, November 17 from 2-4pm & 7-9pm.

“The Mike Northcott After Party” will be held on Sunday, November 18 from 12pm until 6pm at the Boston Manor in Burlington. We welcome all who loved him to gather on this special day to share music, stories, and friendship in Mike’s honour.

Donations, in memory, can be made to An Instrument For Every Child.


The Mike Northcott Afterparty:


30 Messages to Northcott, Michael

  • Marjorie Barback

    Very, very sorry. Such a lovely man. Cousin Marjorie England

  • Kathy Salmon

    Mike and Shelly have been wonderful neighbours to my parents, Audrey and Peter Stone, for all the years they lived beside one another.. Thank U Mike for looking out for them! Ur a Fabulous Guy! Take Care and watch over your Lovely Family!

  • Paul & Kendra Martindale

    Dear Shelly, Bailey and Wilson,

    We were very sad to read about Mike’s passing in the Spectator, in what sounded like a tough fight with cancer.
    A terrible disease that has left many including ourselves, losing loved ones. Your hurt must be enormous and rightly so.

    Although we haven’t been in the same spheres for some time, lots of great memories and occasions together. In the early 90’s Mike and I started in audio together as producers at then CHML / Y95 (now Y108), talked and played a lot of music, completed lots
    of electrical work on your Bold then McKay houses before both moving onto bigger and better things. Grateful to have shared a few New Years at your house as well. Mike’s life story on earth ended far too soon.

    May you find comfort and peace in God’s love, and may He provide you strength to heal and carry on.
    With Love, Paul & Kendra Martindale

  • Richard Rodwell

    I’ve known Mike since 2001. He was a true gentleman and a pleasure to be around. Mike was incredibly talented and had a true love for music. We worked on a few professional projects together. He frequently came over to my condo/studio and we would laugh endlessly. Mike was a genuine, humorous, stand up guy who will be dearly missed by many. I’m truly at a loss for any other words. This is heartbreaking.

  • Jodi Ostroff

    Mike was a such a genuine guy who made other people feel happy – through his music and the warmth of his energetic personality. That’s quite a mark to leave on this world….
    My sincerest condolences to his family.

  • Laurel Arbuckle

    I am saddened to hear of Mike’s passing. I was given a free Spectator by a student and was properly shocked to find Mike’s obituary there. I was privileged to see him work as a sound technician when recording “Mom’s Kitchen” with J.P. Reimens. We recorded this live-off-the-floor project during the May 24th long weekend in the early 1990’s at J.P.’s mom’s house – in her kitchen. The atmosphere was a combination of professionalism and joviality. I cannot include myself as one of the finer musicians gathered there – I am sure that I caused many a retake. But Mike was so good-humoured and kind to me and just directed us all to get back to business with no condemnation at all. It turned out to be, indeed, a jovial and satisfying endeavour, full of positive memories. He was excellent at his job.

    Bailey and Wilson – I babysat you for a number of months and remember your excitement when daddy came home. What a blessing to have had a father who loved you! You will carry that love with you for the rest of your life.

    Shelly – I cannot help but think how very strange the term “widow” must be. I cannot comprehend the hole Mike’s passing has left in your life; but I hope and pray that your sorrow will be comforted and your tears of grief will, in the future, turn to tears of joyful remembrance. You were blessed with a good man who loved you and your family with all that was in him. Those of us who had the privilege of sharing time with him are blessed to say we knew him. He will not be forgotten. God bless you all.

  • Paul Beatty

    Heart of a gentle lion — a true fighter with class and grace — wish I had known Mike for longer — a very special magnetic person who has left us too soon !! Rest in peace Mike !

  • Ron MacDonald

    Too soon, too soon, too soon. … Mike, you remember the time you came knocking on my door saying, “Ronny, we got’a pretty good band, you’re a pretty good bass player, you want to come along?” … Thirty years past and still thick as thieves. … Man, I’m sure glad I said yes. … On and off the court always, big smiles, big laughs, big fun. … Then just five years ago you call me up, “Ronny, I’m turning 50, having a party and I want you playing at it.” … More big smiles, big laughs, big fun.” … Time slips under the door. … Thanks for knocking on mine. … Love you Mike.

  • Anne and Phil King

    So sorry to hear about Mike’s passing. His love of music and positive energy were contagious and it was always a pleasure to watch him perform. Our thoughts are with you.

  • paul & mary

    He was a wonderful talented son-in-law, a world class musician and the best host ever.
    Mary and I will miss him.

    The world has lost a special and a terrific guy!

  • Brian Ambicki & Anne Scott

    We are going to miss Mike in our lives, he was a genuine artist, and musical inspiration to so many of us.
    His legend will go on forever.
    He was admired my so many, and will be missed by everyone who knew him.
    Rest in Peace my friend.
    Brian Ambicki & Anne Scott

  • Patti Zonta

    Kind, witty, and always a good word! Mike made everyone feel as if they were his best friend! Words cannot convey what a gifted musician he was. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Shelley, and family. May he rest in beautiful peace.
    Patti Zonta

  • Ian Thomas

    Shelly, Bailey and Will.

    Jesus. The inadequacy of words is ridiculous. When my dad started looking old, I asked my him with worry about three months before he died what it was like when he lost his father. He thought a moment, looked at me and said, “It’s like having an education thrust upon you of learning to love in absence after the luxury of loving in presence.” I wish you three well on this journey and trust you will find comfort in one another along the road … and a sweet place for all the love that is dammed up looking for somewhere to go.

    This is a huge “I shoulda done”. We were always threatening to get together for a coffee, living only blocks apart. Jesus.

  • Shawn Kelly

    Mike was engaging, affable, and an absolute joy to spend time with. He was sharply focused on the good of a project and on helping others. His many contributions have benefited the company, and everyone who had the opportunity to work with him in the craft he loved.
    Mike was a remarkable man, with great talent and outstanding humour. He was deeply devoted to his family, speaking often about Shelly, Bailey and Wilson. He will be greatly missed by his many friends and colleagues.

  • Anthony Vanderburgh

    Dear family, friends and colleagues of Michael. I had the great pleasure of working with Mike and calling him friend. He took a chance on my composing skills and hired me on a number of projects including Beyblade, 6Teen, Sidekick, Chuck The Truck, The Care Bears, Franklin and others. He was a wonderful mentor and I learned SO much from him and the Nelvana family over the years. I am eternally grateful for his mentor-ship and friendship, and fortunately had the opportunity to tell him so in-person a few months back. I prayed he would rally, but alas the Good Lord works in mysterious ways. I can only hope Mike is sitting next to, or jamming with some of his musical heroes in heaven. God Bless you my friend .. you are sorely missed. We made a donation to help send a kid to summer camp in your honour, so may their smiles resonate in perfect harmony. Anthony

  • D.D. Jackson

    I never met Mike in person but instead had the pleasure of working with him remotely (by phone and email) as a composer for one of his shows this past year. As a Canadian myself (but now living in NY), talking with him was like a lifeline to my home country, he so clearly epitomized what I love and miss about Canada with his optimistic, good-natured spirit, his love of the outdoors, his passion for his work, and especially his obvious, fundamental kindness and decency. My deepest condolences to his family, friends, and work-mates. He will most definitely be missed.

  • Caitlin Stephen

    He was so encouraging and so kind. He was a mentor to everyone that walked into his music room at Corus and his positive outlook and energy improved everyone around him. I’m so sorry for your loss, I’m sorry for our loss, he was taken too soon and it’s heartbreaking.

  • Neil Affleck

    Mike was kind, talented, funny, compassionate, interested, thoughtful, energetic, goofy, athletic, musical, proud, modest, intelligent, hardworking, humorous, loyal, and one of the most generous humans I’ve ever known. He played his music like he meant it. Too soon gone.

  • Linda Spruce

    Wow. Mike was one extraordinary individual and obviously made an impact on a great many lives. I met Mike back in the Plymouth Rock days and spent many an hour listening to him and the band mates cranking it out in a basement or garage. Always full of charm and quick to make a joke, Mike’s friendship was appreciated throughout my high school years. Though we didn’t follow overlapping trajectories after school, any chance encounter with Mike, and his youthful demeanor, proved that time can indeed stand still and that true friendships transcend the passage of years. I last saw Mike at his 50th birthday party, a rocking affair, that was a testament to his ability to attract and maintain an amazing circle of friends and admirers.

    My life has been enhanced by having known Mike Northcott and I’ll grieve the lost opportunities to intersect with his brilliant orbit.

  • Joan Hollingham

    Mike you were always a part of our Family.
    I loved you from the minute I met you with your cousins.
    God bless you.
    Joan Hollingham

  • Laura Sergeant

    I have been out of Mike’s orbit for a quarter century; and know his lion heart is unchanged. With Mike there was inclusion: hearty, full-bodied, a laugh, a hug or a sidelong shoulder nudge, a conspiratorial aside, considered opinion. He punched above his weight; life on a scale of grand possibility, he seemed unbowed by doubt. He had confidence all of us could borrow, could lean toward; he was the reliable, warm and sparkling campfire that beckoned in the sometimes slippery black mire of being a 20-something musician.

    We moved in packs then, like wolves in leather jackets with staple guns and stacks of concert posters. We littered Hamilton telephone poles with assurance. He was a Tasmanian Devil when I first knew him; black denim, mullet, easy smile. His enthusiasm was unapologetic – the emerald green guitar being built at the Guitar clinic, a soft spot for bubble-gum pop and grabbing after-hours recording time at Grant Avenue.

    Mike built community. In a scene that could be littered with competitive, tiny grinch hearts, Mike’s instincts were the opposite. He was generous. He shared openly and without reservation: ideas, praise, contacts, gear, wisdom. He was whip-smart and had formidable emotional intelligence. In my time with Mike, these characteristics, alongside his humour and respect made him a wonderful mentor, pal and producer. Pushing for better performance without deflating belief. Calling from the sound booth, “Let’s put a bit more snot on that” when a guitar part was too crystalline. Nurturing flimsy belief. Mike took me seriously as a musician; his admiration was a gift I can’t measure.

    It’s an unfathomable loss for all; my deepest condolences to Shelley, Wilson, Bailey and extended family and friends. Of many fond memories, I keep coming back to a celebratory party at the house on Bold Street. The occasion escapes me, but I remember much of the set they played. At some point, Mike’s band belted out this song by the Smithereens, I’ll tweak the lyrics:

    “Well he held a bass guitar and he was playing in a band,
    And he stood just like Bill Wyman
    Now I am his biggest fan . . .

    Now I think of him, sometimes I even weep,
    Then dream of him, behind the wall of sleep.
    Behind the wall of sleep.”

  • Sybil Marsh

    Our thoughts are with you all today, Northcotts, thinking of Mike, his musical life and legacy.

  • audrey and peter stone

    Audrey and peter stone
    neighbours from McKay 20 years quote from a poet ‘ but now I know where e’er I go that there has passed away a glory from the earth’ love you mike rest in peace

  • Oliver Gleeson

    Mike was my brother Joe’s best friend. Joe was six years older than me, and of all his friends, Mike was my favorite. Genuine kindness. That’s what I remember most about Mike. He always made me feel welcome and “cool” around the older kids. One of my fondest memories is when Mike hosted Joe’s stag at his old place down on Bold Street. Great beer, blackjack dealers, good tunes, lots of laughs. Mike always seemed so “life wise” and someone who had it all figured out. I would like Shelley and family to know that Mike had a really positive impact on me, and I’m truly grateful for it. This is a deeply sad moment for so many. My thoughts are with all of you and I hope you can draw strength from your circle of loved ones. Mike is, and always will be, a really great guy.

  • Tracie Okimi

    So very sad to have heard this news.
    My thoughts are with you at this time and hope with all my heart that you are now at peace after your courageous battle.
    Taken too soon.

  • Binda Traver

    May memories of your bright and fun nature fill your families hearts with joy, you are too quickly gone old friend.
    The night sky has a new star.

  • Blair williston

    Respectfully Blair Williston .

  • Bill and Rhea Springsted

    We only knew Mike for a few days that we where patients in the same room, but we became very much aware of his courage and determination . Also apparent was the support of not only Shelley and his brother Bob but the wide array of friends and associates who came to visit.
    Far to unfair to someone with his determination and far too soon for his age, we will remember our brief acquaintance knowing that we met someone we will always think of with great admiration for life.

  • Bailey Northcott

    Love you forever, Daddy. <3

  • Patti Paetkau

    Shelley and family
    I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.

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